Allah is Danish

Lest we Forget: I am including an archive of the Mohammedan cartoons here as a kind of memorial when all the other copies have mysteriously disappeared, politicians of all stripes have lined up to lick the floor behind Mullah Kiss-the-Goat and half of Denmark is sticking its butt in the air. I know they’re a bit lame, but what can I say? They’re probably real knee-slappers in Danish.

Here's the Swedish one:

Jihad against anyone who breathes a word against Jenna Jameson.

1. Q: Why don't Mahometans eat pork?

A: That would be cannibalism.

2. Q: Why don't Mahometans kiss goats?

    A: That would be incest.

In case you missed it here's Sam Bacile's comic masterpiece: The Innocence of Muslims and....... the short trailer featuring cunnilingus (Well, kind of) with a semi hot babe.

And finally:

Liberté, égalité, pornografay!!!