Pleasures and Days

Blathering about how much one likes or dislikes some bit of art or literature, now coyly referred to as “entertainment,” always puts me to sleep. In the following I shall generally refrain from appreciations and disapprobations except in cases where my feelings are contrary to opinions that appear to be both widely held and just wrong. Otherwise, I shall in the same spirit be most interested in pointing things out that, once noticed, may contribute to understanding and titillation.

Ben Westwood

Orwell: Crushed in the Here and Now

East Of Eden




Three Photographers: David Hamilton, Jock Sturges and Sally Mann

Tolstoy on Sex and Death

The Devil is a Woman: Michelangelo’s Sexuality

Two Balzacian Metaphors

Wendy Steiner – Venus in Exile

Aesthetic Gammas

Cautions Regarding Gay Marriage

Wyatt Neumann

Crazy Bitch

Une Petite fille sage

In Memoriam Andrea Dworkin