Opposition in Plato's Lysis - Preface  

Preface to "Opposition in Plato's Lysis"

The terminological paragraphs of this essay may give the impression that it is more philological and less substantive than it actually is. More philosophically inclined readers probably should treat the Note on Terminology as as a kind of reference appendix, not to be read so much as consulted when points of argument seem to depend on fine shades of meaning.

Moreover, I have no illusions about the reception of this work. The perhaps half dozen people who are actually equipped to understand it will no doubt be repulsed by the illustration and the exergue and surf away to some comforting site about cute puppies. If they weren't repulsed I wouldn't be doing my job. Those who know just enough Greek and logic to be dangerous will, if past experience has any validity, mostly be concerned with which "side" I'm on, which squabbling philosophical school or - popular as of late - political faction I am rooting for. That leaves the rest. All I can say is I hope you enjoy Bree's interpretation of ἐναντίος.

Opposition in Plato's Lysis