Wyatt Neumann

I am posting these images created by Wyatt Neumann because of a news article I read to the effect that the sociopaths of the religious right had forced their removal from social media sites. Like the Huffington Post from which I downloaded the images I want to make sure they do not disappear from the internet altogether and I encourage anybody who has respect for real and not just legalistic civil liberties as well as serious art to do the same.

I applaud Neumann's gesture of posting the photos alongside the barely literate comments of the goober misopaedists who tried to censor him. However, I see no need to repeat the gesture since it shifts the context in which the photos are seen from the properly aesthetic to the sociological and to the pseudo science of psychology.

I have just seen these photos for the first time and so I have not had the time to reflect on them. At first glance, however, they are not particularly my cup of oolong - much too sweet and family in a Sally Mannish kind of way. I prefer the rougher vision of Mapplethorpe.

Wyatt Neumann-1

Wyatt Neumann-2

Wyatt Neumann-3

Wyatt Neumann-4

Wyatt Neumann-5

Wyatt Neumann-6

Wyatt Neumann-7

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Wyatt Neumann-9

Wyatt Neumann-10

Wyatt Neumann-11